Monday, November 1, 2010


Please pray for a dear friend's son and daughter-in-law....They were shot earlier tonight in an armed robbery. Each was shot multiple times. Thank you!!!

UPDATE: November 2, 2010 (noon)
Friend's son was able to check himself out of the hospital very early this morning. He was hit at least twice that I know of...but fortunately, the wounds were mainly superficial. His wife is in serious condition. She has had to undergo surgery and is being kept sedated. She was also moved to another hospital. I know that hospital has a trauma center, but I am not sure if she was moved there for that reason or if it was just the family's preference. The details of her injuries have not been released.
Despite the fact that at least 3 police depts (city, county, and state) were called to the scene....with bloodhounds and helicopters, the shooter has not been found. Please also pray that this dangerous man is found soon.

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