Sunday, November 14, 2010

Atmosphere of Home…Aromas

What does your home smell like? Baking bread? Your favorite perfume? Lemony-fresh furniture polish? Trash? If it smells like trash, go empty the can and come back!!!
We live in a world full of scented candles, potpourri, and Febreze. Turn on the television and you will see numerous advertisements for them. Why are we willing to spend so much money on those items? Because scents can be powerful determiners of the atmosphere in your home….and the makers of memories! The aroma of apples cooking reminds me of my maternal grandfather. I couldn’t tell you how many times I walked into his kitchen to find it FULL of pies. Each time I bake an apple pie (I only bake one or two at a time…and marvel at how my grandfather could fill the kitchen with them!), I go back in time to my grandparents’ kitchen. I don’t think he went about TRYING to build a memory, but he did! And oh how glad I am that he did!!! My grandfather has been gone for over 27 years…but every time I bake an apple pie, a little piece of him is here with me.
What memories are being created by the aromas in your home? Candles and potpourri will do in a pinch, but don’t forget those scents that YOU create.
Drums and pie 004
Wish someone had created smell-a-blog….because my house smells WONDERFUL! Apples and cinnamon….


“Why should I buy expensive art when I can make my own.” ~Piero Milani

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