Monday, September 13, 2010

A Clean Slate

Anyone who knows me very well knows that I LOVE Mondays. They are gifts from God….a clean slate. Forget whatever happened last week. You are given permission to start from scratch, to make this week the best one yet. However, last week while almost everyone here in the good ol’ USA were enjoying the last day of a holiday weekend, I was MISERABLE. I had developed an infection and had to wait one more day to see a doctor because of the holiday. Once I was finally able to see the doc, I also was given the wonderful news that my blood pressure was elevated. Which explained the light-headedness that had plagued me that day, but also added another worry to my week. My blood pressure has always been on the low side of normal; so having the nurse tell me THOSE numbers nearly floored me….or maybe it was just the light-headedness. ;-)
So last week was filled with naps on the sofa, a few little projects that I could do 5 minutes at a time SITTING down, and a swipe at some dust here and there. Man tried to keep the laundry going and the dishes washed….but he has a job. Boy Wonder (my 14 year old) unloaded the dishwasher and rotated laundry when he wasn’t doing hay or doing schoolwork. So….the house is a mini disaster zone.
As I lay on the sofa last week, I really had the time to take in my surroundings….and to ponder how cobwebs can appear like magic EVERYWHERE. Besides those cobwebs—and dust in general—driving me nuts, I had some shelves that were bothering me. They had the typical displays of family photos and a few little knick-knacks scattered on them….placed there as we were unpacking 1 1/2 years ago, obviously placed without much thought on my part. Since I couldn’t do anything about them at that moment, I just made a few mental notes.  When Saturday rolled around, I realized that I could stand for longer than a minute---though not much longer--- without feeling like I was going to hit the floor. Of course, the first thing I did was start a load of laundry as it was really piling up at that point. The next thing I did was take my mental notes and get to work on those shelves. It took 2 minutes here and 3 minutes there over Saturday and Sunday, but they look MUCH better. I still need to go get my stash of blue canning jars out of the cellar and to buy a few items….but for now, I am much happier. Sorry, but for obvious reasons, there are no “Before” photos. Here are a few “After” shots:
Blog Stuff 001  Blog Stuff 002 Blog Stuff 003 Blog Stuff 004

I still need to find a new home for the turntable. The canning jars are going on top….hopefully the reality of that will be similar to the picture in my mind. The top also needs some type of faux greenery. I saw an olive branch swag in a catalog a few days ago. Hopefully I can find it again. I think it would be perfect. See that print of eggs on top? That came from The Graphics Fairy… LOVE her blog! It is a great resource for all kinds of neat graphics. WHERE does she find that stuff???
Now if I could only get THIS eyesore out of our living room:
Blog Stuff 006 Blog Stuff 005
….not exactly MY decorating style. But the nights---and some days--- are getting cooler here. There was NO way these were going to ripen on the vine; so in they came.
Now all I have to do is start feeling “normal” and to at least get the house presentable before they all ripen at once….still hoping to get them canned and stored away for winter soups and chili.
Yes, I LOVE Mondays…..most Mondays. This week, I REALLY needed that clean slate.
And please check out my other blog, Stormy Hen Creations. I hope to soon be busily creating in my studio, and I’ll be sharing those creations there.
Have a blessed Clean Slate Day!!!

I'm bragging about my print from The Graphics Fairy over on her blog for Brag Monday. Go on over and check out her WONDERFUL site! You can find this print under "instant art", and it truly is. I just printed it on cardstock, trimmed it and displayed it!

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