Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Facing Mud Season

Before moving to Upstate NY, I had read a magazine article about “mud season”. I remember thinking…"interesting, but we all deal with mud.” At the time that I read that article I had lived in North Carolina my entire 28+ years. I never imagined living anywhere else. It was HOME…truth be told, it still is. But I digress. A little over 8 years after reading about mud season, I was on my way to live in New York. We arrived on May 5th. I think we missed mud season that year. I can’t be sure as I was deep in a self-pity party and  in a trance of sorts…..let’s just say that I REALLY did not want to move out of the south.


Now I have experienced mud season first hand. It is a season tucked between winter and spring.  Winter fights hard to keep its grip, but eventually the flakes stop falling. The snow slowly melts away, and in its place….MUD. Lots and lots of mud. You walk quickly to try to prevent yourself from sinking into it. It coats the bottoms of your shoes and boots (not just the sole). It is in your car…on your sidewalk…smeared on your welcome mat…and across your entry rug….Yes, across your floors. There is much vacuuming, sweeping, mopping during mud season.

File:Aigle-mud 022.jpg


Despite all the extra work (and my floors never ALL being clean at the same time…or for very long), I am glad when the mud appears. Like the robins, it is a sign that spring IS coming. It is getting the better of Old Man Winter….flowers and new leaves will be appearing.


Not as quickly as this southern chick would like, but still, there is hope. So I bravely face mud season with broom and mop in hand!





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